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The Full Story

Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning in Ireland was founded by the OCAC in Taiwan and Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese with one goal in mind: giving our students the best, most rewarding learning experience.  Our initial board members are Hsiao Ping Hsu, Syue Ping Ma, Tina Jan and Evan Furlong.

The OCAC is implementing the Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning (TCML) Establishment Program which assisted overseas compatriot schools globally to set up TCML as bases for teaching Mandarin to adults and for promoting its teaching with Taiwanese characteristics. TCML in Ireland was one of the first 28 establishments and we are very proud to be part of this wonderful journey.




Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning in Ireland believes in equality, diversity and inclusion and for EDI to be at the heart of all we do. Contact our EDI director Tina Jan if you have any questions about our EDI policy.


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Yuchia Lee Dignam holds an MA and an MSc from universities in the UK, and she also has a Dip in Music. She has been involved in several cultural and arts projects for the Taiwanese community in Ireland and is particularly interested in language learning through culture and the arts.

Elizabeth Lin holds an MPhil and a PhD in Applied Linguistics from Trinity College Dublin. A language educator and researcher for over twenty years with a special interest in learner autonomy, particularly in the context of second language pedagogy, Elizabeth is now a language specialist, research analyst, and guest lecturer on cross cultural communication at Trinity Business School.

Tina Keenan is a highly qualified and experienced nurse who graduated from Dublin City University's School of Nursing. She also completed the Perioperative Children's Nursing course at the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons Ireland. With her expertise, Tina currently serves as a Clinical Nurse Manager at the operating theatre in CHI at Temple Street, where she helps provide top-quality patient care.

Evan Furlong holds a Master's degree in Education from UCD and PD in Fintech from TUD.  Since 2009, she has been teaching Chinese Language and Culture courses to students in both primary and post-primary schools. Her passion for Chinese education led her to petition for Mandarin Chinese to be included as a Leaving Certificate Subject in 2016. Evan's expertise also made her a valuable member of the National Council of Curriculum and Assessment, where she contributed to the development of the Chinese curriculum for the senior cycle.

Syue-Ping Ma earned a Bachelor's degree in Accounting from National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. She has over a decade of experience in budgeting, accounting, and statistics. In addition, she holds a government procurement professional certificate. As a dedicated volunteer, she contributed significantly to the Free Software Foundation (FSF) as one of the main translators of Traditional Chinese pages

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